GET FIT MANAGEMENT - I agree...they suck

Prattville, Alabama 1 comment

I agree with her all the way!!A freind and myself went there to start to get in shape (like any other moms).

We had 3 kids between the 2 of us. The lady in the daycare center was rude with hers, and that made us not want to go anymore. So we told them that and they said ok we will cancel your account. Today I look to see what is on my credit, and love and behold they are!!

Like she said SCREW them! Now if they try to take to me small claims Im gonna be even more pissed!!!

Because I told them to cancel it!

Review about: Ladies Super Fitness.



I agree, Get Fit Management shut down a location I was using and kept charging me at another location without ever telling me. Who is to keep these people in check to make sure they send some kind of correspondence before they sell your account off to a collection agency?

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